Women and Work Life

serkan uygur Women and Work Life

Hello Everybody,

Global economy and the world, unquestionable importance of marketing.

Of course, women’s role is also indisputable.

·    Recruitment in,

·    Whether social life,

·    As mother,

·    As a friend,

·    Life as a friend,

·    As a manager and CEO.

In business, women of intelligence and the skills, We have benefited a lot more.


·    Viewpoints,

·    Achievement motives,

·    Ability farsightedness,

·    More thinking capacity,

·    İntuition,

·    Perceptions,

·    Life standards,

·    Grouping and segmentation issues,

·    Loyalty,

·    Success targeting.

Options can be increased.

Women in executive roles increased day by day. It takes the place of women in upper management.

Management are very few ladies in our country. The level of development of the country is determined by the value given to women.

Senior management should be more women worldwide mission. Women managers in the world tend to increase very slowly.

International companies should increase the number of female managers. Women’s perspective is different. Diversity brings success

The world economy will expand by different market share. Companies need to forge ahead to the future generations. Market wants to accommodate different thoughts

·    World shaped by innovation,

·    New targets are discovered,

·    Niche marketing is growing,

·    Changing audience and demographic conditions,

·    Comes the new generation,

·    Networks is increasing.

Women entrepreneurs are growing with each passing day. Firms take part at the beginning of the press and public relations department.

They show the way with information on conferences and seminars. Product positioning in the segment with new information.

Communication is the beginning of everything.

We determine our conscious contact with a growth map.

Our different perspectives of women will always need.

Remedy unemployment by increasing market share we will support production. We need to create a new production channels with different ideas.

Shape of the market resulting in new initiatives.

·    İncrease of internet gaming,

·    The expansion of e-commerce,

·    E-learning growth,

·    Freelance increase,

·    Industry products, easy access thanks to the Internet.

Option can be extended.


·    Consulting firm to set up the Women,

·    The growth of women entrepreneurs,

·    The foundation of human resources, the proportion of female.

When the new initiatives of women in the world economy has a lot of contributions. There is a need for new entrepreneurs in our country. İnnovation must be created. The level of development should be increased.

We wish our country to be given the task of women in senior management and CEO.

Best Regards.

Serkan UYGUR

Marketing Communications Master



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